Warrior Weekend Summer Camp Registration

The regular Warrior Weekend registration fee for the weekend is $85.00, and the package includes an entire weekend packed with great events, including:  Our Awesome Annual NKMAA Award Banquet where are you can honour your very own students and supporters, Seminars with highly respected and skilled Grandmasters and Masters of Korean martial arts, and the "Best School Demo" competition, where you can compete as an individual, as well as on your school team.  In other words, you will have a chance to win in two divisions... Once as a competitor in your own division, and once as part of your school team.  So, for the price you often pay just to enter a competition, the warrior weekend also provides fantastic seminars AND a beautiful awards banquet.  A better value is just not to be had anywhere else.

Our line up of seminar presenters is simply awesome, and every single one of the presenters are highly skilled martial arts Masters.  I can't think of another event that features so much at a low price like this.  The training alone is worth the fee, BUT remember that we also include the competition, demonstrations, PLUS a banquet fit for a King to celebrate the achievements of our members, and a dance to round it all off.   Folks,  it just does not get any better than this.  The networking alone is PRICELESS.

Early bird offer expires June first, 2019 (or the first 40, whichever comes first)  = $65.00 for the entire weekend package.
June first, until August first, 2019, the fee is $75.00 for the weekend package.
After August first, 2019, the fee is the full $85.00

We strongly encourage all NKMAA members to support their fellow students as they are promoted, and it is a no brainer to nominate YOUR students for the annual NKMAA Best Student, Most improved Student, Best Competitor, and Jung Shin Award.  These awards are provided free of charge to school owners; however, they are ONLY provided to students who actually attend the banquet.   Nominatons MUST be received by the July 1 deadline.

In consideration of your acceptance of my registration for the NKMAA Warrior Weekend Summer Camp, I do hereby, for myself and my heirs, executors, administrators, and other claimants waive, release, indemnify, save harmless, defend, and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages or injuries of any type that I may cause or sustain against Roelof (Rudy) Timmerman, NKMAA, KMAOnline, the Royal Canadian Legion, the promoters, operators, facility owners, and/or sponsors of the NKMAA Summer Camp. I do hereby agree to take full responsibility for my actions, and I fully understand that there is a risk of injury when participating in this strenuous “contact” event.  I understand that the fee for participating in this event is charged to cover the expenses related to the event and is nonrefundable.

I further understand that any medical treatment given to me is of a First-Aid type only, and I give my consent thereto. I hereby certify that: I do not have a communicable disease, that I am mentally and physically fit to participate in this strenuous “contact” event, and I hereby voluntarily submit my application for attendance and participation in the Warrior Weekend, also known as the NKMAA Summer Camp.

I further consent that any pictures, video tapes, or other media coverage taken of me may be used for publicity, and I hereby waive any compensation thereto. I agree that any valuables brought to the event are my own responsibility, and I have been warned not to leave them unattended. The promoters of this event are not responsible for loss or damage to such valuables.

Participants MUST check all equipment for safety, and you are hereby advised NOT to use equipment that you do not deem safe. You are also advised to refuse to work with anyone you do not feel comfortable with, and you are hereby instructed NOT to do ANYTHING that you are not comfortable with regardless who asks you. By registering for the NKMAA Warrior Weekend Summer Camp through this online method, you agree to the above conditions.

Weekend Discount Package

Registration Fee $65.00 on first 40 orders received before June 1st, 2019. This package contains the entire weekend of training, the banquet, AND the competition. From June first, until August first, the fee is $75.00, and after August first, 2019, the fee is the full $85.00. Please be SURE to clearly mention who the order is for on your Pay Pal statement. If you are competing I need your name, rank, date of birth, and school name.

This price is available until June first, 2019.

Dinner only

Banquet Fee $40.00 on all orders received before August 1st, 2019.  Please be SURE to clearly mention who the order is for on your Pay Pal statement.

Competition Only

Competition Fee is $20.00 per person on all orders received before August first, 2019.
Please be SURE to clearly mention who the order is for on your Pay Pal statement.

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