NKMAA Events

NKMAA Events are a sincere effort to provide our members with various types of activities that will not only enhance your school programs, they will be a great aid in retention of your students.  Just think of it… if you joined a ball team, and you practiced hard twice a week; but, you never got to play a game, it would soon become a very boring team to belong to.  In fact, it would be very hard to maintain such a team due to the inevitable attrition this would create.   To prevent that, NKMAA Events are designed to provide something for everyone… including spouses and family members.

Not everyone is into competition, and not everyone is eager to spend an entire weekend of training with various highly respected Grandmasters.  Even worse, family members watch their spouses head out to participate, when they are left at home.  THAT has led to more divorces than we care to think about.  With NKMAA Events, we offer ALL of these activities and much more.  For example:  Our Warrior Weekend includes the “Best School Demo”  competition; however, to satisfy those who don’t care to compete, this competition runs in conjunction with the NKMAA annual Awards Banquet, where spouses can enjoy watching their family members compete, as they enjoy a great meal, camaraderie, and dance to some great tunes.  For those who love to train, we have great line-ups of highly respected and qualified Grandmasters and Masters from various styles to share the mats with.
In other words, the entire family can have a great time TOGETHER.

In today’s busy world, family activities are hard to find, even though they are an excellent way to keep a happy household.   In addition, family activities that ARE available are priced so high only a few lucky ones can participate.  Again, here is where NKMAA Events come to the rescue.   Our annual Warrior Weekend, for example, does not only offer something for the entire family to enjoy, the event is incredibly reasonable.  The reason for this is that NKMAA is an association of like minded martial arts practitioners whose focus is to serve our members.  Grandmasters come to the Warrior Weekend on their own dime, because they LOVE to share their passion for martial arts.  OUR martial arts is not all about money, it is our way of life.

The above photo was taken at the 2010 Warrior Weekend, and it shows NKMAA members training out doors at the NKMAA Challenge Course at my home.  Participants often put up their tents in my back yard to save on hotel costs and enjoy “roughing it” in the great Canadian Outdoors.

In the back of the yard are some great training aids, such as climbing towers, monkey bars, and much more.   Test Candidates begin the Warrior Weekend at six am with a 5km run to Mark’s Bay (part of the Great Lakes system), where they do an hour long kicking session in the water.  The hardy ones then do another 5km “cadence” run back to my home, to begin the rest of the test and the Challenge Course.  At NKMAA, credentials are EARNED.

Sanctioned Korean Martal Arts Brotherhood events:
Since GM Timmerman is one of the two Founders of the Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood, NKMAA members have access to some of the greatest events in the world of martial arts, AND NKMAA members are eligible for discounts at some of them.  For example, CM Thomas Gordon promised to provide NKMAA members with a $25.00 discount at the annual Korean Martial Arts Festival he hosts in Crestview, Florida.  The event is rated as one of the top ten in the USA, and it should not be missed.
Here is a link for more informaton.

The Premier Korean Martial Art Event in the USA


Above photo was taken at one of the very first Korean Martial Arts Festivals in Crestview, Florida.
Left to right seated:  SM Doug Custer, GM James Mc Murray, GM KS Hwang, GM Rudy Timmerman, GM Troy Trudeau, and GM Kevin Janisse.

Standing: Master Wesley Wing, CM Thomas Gordon (host), KJN Dante James, KJN Chris Dufour, SM Dusty Miner, and KJN Greg Bledsoe.

Other events the KMAB sanctions are: The Hap Ki Do Summit, hosted by GM KenMacKenzie and the International Training Seminars hosted bi-annually by GM Geoff Booth of Australia.

Above photo was taken in Amsterdam, and it depicts some of the KMAB Grandmasters who presented at the event.    Left to right:  CM Thomas Gordon (FL), GM Geoff Booth (AU – host), GM Rudy Timmerman (Canada), GM James McMurray (TX), and GM Ken Mackenzie (NJ).