Greetings all.
I am happy to share with you some news about the revamped web site, as it allows me to keep it up-to-date.  I have learned the basics of word press, so I can do just that.  To be honest, the old site had been neglected for years, and it was very necessary for me to learn how to take care of our site myself.  GM Janisse had been doing his best ever since we created the site; however, even though he WILL help me out whenever I am stuck, he has too many things on his plate to continue to be our webmaster. The fact is that his position as Grandmaster of Kong Shin Bup will likely take up all the spare time he has.

Kevin Janisse jpg copy

Congratulations to the new GM of Kong Shin Bup – GM Kevin Janisse

In 2010, many of GM Timmerman’s friends gathered in Sault Ste Marie to celebrate his 60th year of training, and it was at this “Gathering of Masters” that GM Timmerman appointed his highest ranking student, KJN Kevin Janisse, to succeed him as the second inheritor of the art of Kong Shin Bup.  The appointment was witnessed by a large number of very high ranking and respected Grandmasters, so no one could dispute this transfer.  At a similar large gathering, this time the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame, GM Timmerman bestowed the title of Grandmaster to KJN Janisse.  GM Janisse is the FIRST ever to be award the title of Grandmaster in the National Korean Martial Arts Association.  Thank you for your many years of service to NKMAA and the art of Kong Shin Bup GM Janisse.

Great to have GM Janisse officially on board as a contributor to the kmacollege. GM Janisse, current Grandmaster of Kong Shin Bup, brings with him many other extraordinary skills such as, but not limited to: Nak Bup, Fitness, and Sword making to mention just a few. Glad to have you on board Sir.


Sad Times


GM HumeskySad News:  Grandmaster Eugene Humesky (1921-2013)
It is with a sad heart that I announce the passing of a dear friend and valued member of our board Of Advisors, Grandmaster Eugene Humesky.  GM Humesky was slated to be inducted into the KMAMhof in August 2014, and he had accepted his nomination.  Unfortunately, he passed away before the event, and his lovely wife of many years, Dr. Assiah Humesky accepted his induction award at the event.  See photo below.


PicMonkey Collage


Photo Above Left: SM Judith Romines introduces Dr Humesky, Top Right: Dr. Assiah Humesky accepts her late husband’s award. Bottom Right: some of the KMAM hof Ambassadors (unfortunately not everyone is in the photo).


NKMAA BOA Appointments:

gmRomines copyI am very proud to announce that Grandmaster Michael Romines (a long time friend), has joined the NKMAA Board Of Advisors for the art of Tang Soo Do. He brings with him more than fifty years of experience, and he will be assisted by Senior Master Judith Romines. Both are KMAMhof Ambassadors, and both were on hand at the 2014 KMAM Hall Of Fame, and you could not have missed SM Romines in her beautiful Korean dress. I understand that GM Romines will be on hand at the 2015 NKMAA Summer Camp to be held at the NKMAA HQ next August 7th to 9th. Don’t miss training with the best of the best.



MooreCongratulations CM Francis Moore
With the sad passing of our BOA member, Grandmaster Eugene Humesky, I have been looking at appointing a new man to the BOA for Tae Kwon Do. We have many highly skilled Masters to choose from; however, we need more than skill when it comes to our Board Of Advisors… we need dedication, and the opportunity for our new appointee to BE THERE.  After many months of thinking hard about this choice, I have finally come to the conclusion that none other than Chief Master Francis Moore deserves this appointment… he never misses our NKMAA Summer Camps, and he is an excellent Instructor.  Certificates of appointment will be presented to GM Romines and CM Moore at the 2015 NKMAA Summer Camp.


2018 Korean Martal Arts Festival
Due to some incredibly bad weather (Who would expect a snow blizzard in April),  I finally left two days late.  Slowly making my way to Nashville,  in order to hook up with CM Moore there, it made for eighteen and one half hours of pure white knuckle driving… something I’ll not want to do again anytime soon. Once there, I finally had a chance to relax and catch up with the two Chiefmasters who planned to head to Crestview with me.  It was really nice to spend a few days in Music City with my dear friends CMs Francis Moore and Joey Stinson.  Nice to see his student, JKN Moore, join us in Crestview.  WTG JKN Moore, love the way you support our functions Sir.

We left Nashville on Thursday, and we arrived safe and sound in Crestview some seven hours later.   Hotel folks were great, and they managed to find us both a room, even though we had not reserved one.  In fact, the hotel bent over backwards the entire time we were there.  Cudos to the management and staff of the hotel… CM Gordon could not have chosen a better place.  Shortly after arriving, we met up with “Wonder Woman”, Elizabeth Moringlane, who arrived early to arrange lodging for the House Of Discipline group out of Killeen, TX.   GM McMurray surely outdid anyone else, as he brought an entire busload of students with him… WTG Sir, THAT is the way to support our KMAB sanctioned events.

The event started on Friday, and I was on to present that evening.  Thanks to the help from GM Janisse, CM Kunz, and BSN Nickels, we managed to make folks happy.  It is always nice when students come up to tell you that they have learned a new “favourite” technique.  Could not have made it without my dear friends, and their help was very much appreciated… Sucks when you get old, and your bod no longer wants to co-operate; BUT, I am very grateful folks still enjoyed my session…  I have much to thank the Good Lord for.  Not only did HE keep us all safe during the trip, HE allowed me one more year of doing what I love to do.  Thanks to CM Gordon for making this possible.

One of THE most important things one gets out of the KMAF has to be the networking opportunities, and I had a blast meeting up with Soke Michael DePasquale, an Icon in the martial arts world.  Seems our paths HAD crossed before, as we both recalled attending the Arnold Classics in Columbus, Ohio when actor Wesley Snipes was there.  I had the honour of teaching some Hap Ki Do seminars there, along with “Super Foot” Bill Wallace and Kathy Long, and that had kept me busy enough to have missed my old friend GM McMurray, who apparently ALSO was there.  Imagine the surprise when we realized we crossed paths there; but, with thousands of people attending he Arnolds, it is easy to understand.

Getting back to the KMAF… this year’s event was VERY successful, and no doubt that the incredible team CM Gordon put together played a huge role in that success.   The dinner was awesome, and the Hall decorations by Mrs. Gordon were outstanding.   Truly a joy to be there, and the team deserves a HUGE thanks for all their hard work.  I am sure that everyone who was there WILL be back, and why not?  Where else can you rub shoulders with Pioneers such as: Grandmasters He Young Kim, Michael DePasquale, No Won Park, James McMuray, Ken Mackenzie, Inwan Kim, and the many more rising stars of Korean martial arts.  Together, these legends represent hundreds of years of experience, and I am proud to have been part of the KMAF since the very beginning.  I hope I can make it one more time… it is a blast.

The above picture was taken at one of the very first KMAF events.  The event has grown leaps and bounds since then, because CM Gordon’s hard work and the determination to succeed paid off big.  WTG my friend, congratulations !