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Prospective customers just do not have enough patience to sift through a dozen or more pages when searching for a good martial arts school, and to have a link to other websites is an important part of a good SEO ranking.  We spend a lot of effort and money to create a beautiful website, and having our site ranked high must be a top priority for all of us.  After all, most of us build our site to attract new customers, and that just won’t happen if our site is not easily found.   Linking our sites will improve the chances that our website is found in the first few pages of a search.

On this page we share links to the websites of all affiliated NKMAA Schools, as well as to the websites of friends of the National Korean Martial Arts Association.  By adding a link to each other’s websites, we significantly improve our SEO ranking with search engines, and this makes it much easier for prospective customers to find us.  So, let’s connect your website to ours, and contact Grandmaster Rudy W. Timmerman at and we will connect your website to .