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Grandmaster Rudy W. Timmerman came out of retirement to start the Legion Hap Ki Do Club, after watching a National TV Documentary about the drug problems and suicides in the City where he has resided since arriving in Canada.

This documentary hit home hard, and he realized that someone had to step up to the plate to try and provide a program that would give his fellow citizens an opportunity to get into, or maintain, a healthy lifestyle away from the drug scene that had affected so many.

Upon approaching the executive of branch 25 of the Royal Canadian Legion to see if they were interested in assisting him with this project, they agreed to his proposal without hesitation.   It is a perfect fit, because his birth country was liberated by the Canadian soldiers, and he has a great affinity for Canadian Veterans.

At the Legion Hap Ki Di Club, we teach the Korean martial art named Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do, and our Instructors are: Master Steve Jensen, Assistant Master Michael Paciocco, and Instructors Kevin, Juliette, Sophie, and Annette Lamour.  They all volunteer their time in support of our non-profit, and therefore VERY affordable, program.

GM Timmerman, after more than seventy years of Coaching martial arts,  understands that a totally free program is all to often regarded as having no value, and we feel that our program definitely has a LOT of value; however, we also understand that the cost HAS to be affordable in a city hit this hard by drug abuse.

The Legion executive never asked to be compensated, because they too wish to make a difference for their fellow citizens.   The nicest part of this arrangement is that GM Timmerman can therefore run the Legion Hap Ki Do club with tough love and discipline.

A significant part of our program is to teach our students about the values of good citizenship, caring about self and others, and the importance of fitness of mind and body.  Every student of age must join the Legion; and, in the case of a family, at least one person needs to join.  All dues go to the Legion to help them serve the needs of our City.

We have a vested interest in the Legion, and our students often volunteer for various projects, jobs, and fund raising tasks.   All of this is to drive home the idea that supporting one another is a good thing.  We very much believe that fostering good citizenship will eventually improve quality of life.

Competition is a great way to instil a strong desire to be the best one can be; and, for that reason, the Legion Hap Ki Do Club also offers competition classes.  Our students learn that winning must be done with humility and grace, and losing must be accepted as part of life.

The value of Team Work is also part of competition, and we teach students that caring for one's team mates fosters great friendships.  It also gives students the opportunity to travel; and, as members of NKMAA, our students can find new friends in our affiliated schools in many parts of the world.

Our program is based on four month terms, and there is a $35.00 one time registration fee.  The dues for a single person to join the Legion Hap Ki Do Club is $75.00 per term.  This is about the price most other local schools charge per month.  Families get an even better deal, and an entire family only pays $135.00 for a four month term.

We accept students age eight and up; but, especially when it involves family members, we are a little flexible on the age if a young person can function well enough to train hard.   Yet, we do NOT baby sit, and hard work is expected from all.

To keep an eye on the latest happenings, we encourage you to visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/legionhapkido/

We also have a group page where we keep in touch with our students, give them advise, and give them an opportunity to give us feedback on any concerns they have.   If you are serious about joining, please visit.

Grandmaster Timmerman's credentials:
For a more complete resume, check out his personal page:   http://nkmaa.com/gm-timmerman

Contact GM Timmerman via e-mail kwanjang@sympatico.ca

GM Timmerman
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