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Memberships include an NKMAA lapel pin and an NKMAA ID card valid for one year. Memberships must be renewed in January of each year. The cost is $10.00, and renewed members receive a new ID card valid for the entire year. Members who show their ID card to participating member schools may train free when visiting during travels. Members may also enjoy a discount for certain seminars. Not all schools participate, and NKMAA policy does not interfere with their school policy. There are two ways to join NKMAA.

Regular Membership: $35.00
The regular membership is for members of all ranks who do not have a school, or school owners who do not wish to use NKMAA services for their students.

School Charters: $50.00
School Charters are for school owners who wish to use NKMAA services for themselves AND their students. To qualify for the Charter School membership, they must register 10 or more students (including themselves). Because they use our services for more than their personal use, they receive a 30% discount on all certificate orders. School owners often use these discounts to purchase their own certificates. With written permission, Charter School owners may use our name and logo on their advertisements; however, they may NOT use the NKMAA name or logo on certification or ANY other goods.

Renewals:  $10.00 per year
Memberships must be renewed in January of each year.  To renew, just use the Pay Pal button.  Be sure to e-mail me your latest photo (in uniform) and rank changes if any.  School owners just e-mail me the membership report form.

If a Charter School does not use our services for more than one year, the membership automatically lapses and reverts back to a regular membership without discount. Schools with a lapsed Charter may reinstate by placing their first order at full price, and all subsequent orders automatically qualify for the Charter discount.

Now you have had a chance to look over our site... you will have learned that NKMAA does not make stifling demands on you or your school, and you will now know that politics are not going to stand in your way when it comes to learning more or being promoted. All WE require is that you run an honest business, and that you are willing to work to EARN rank. If this sounds good to you, perhaps you are ready to join our association. If so, follow these steps. It is as easy as 1-2-3

1... New Applicants - Complete the form on the left.  

2... Send the completed application, and e-mail us your bio, certificate copies, and a photo in uniform

3... Use our safe Pay Pal check out to pay the membership fee of your choice


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    Membership Types

    NKMAA Memberships come in three types:

    Regular Memberships 
    Students of ALL ranks and School Owners who do not wish to register students

    Charter School
    School owners who register ten or more students

    Yearly renewal of regular membership


    Charter School


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