The Directors of NKMAA are very carefully chosen from the most loyal members of our association.  We don’t have many, and this is a direct reflection of our desire for quality rather than quantity.  I truly appreciate the efforts, dedication, and loyalty of our Directors.   One might wonder why there are so few Directors in NKMAA, and the answer is quite simple… we look for quality, not quantity.

Kevin Janisse jpg copyGM K. Janisse – 9th Dahn, Director Pennsylvania
Grandmaster Janisse has studied with GM Timmerman for more than 35 years, and is the second inheritor of the art of Kong Shin Bup. He operates a school with his wife Debbie KJN and his sons KSN Samuel and Matthew.  Grandmaster Janisse is the PA rep for StickMasters.

MooreCM F Moore – 9th dahn, Director Iowa
Chief Master Moore is an excellent Instructor of Tae Kwon Do, and he also is the Iowa Rep for StickMasters.  CM Moore is an Ambassador for the KMAB, and he was recently appointed to our Board Of Advisors – TKD.

Master Hossein Moghadasi – 8th dan, Representing Iran
Master Moghadasi was recently appointed to State Rep for Iran, and we welcome him to our esteemed group.  We hope to see Master Moghadasi join us on the mats in North-America soon, so we can share our passion for Korean martial arts.

T. Gordon copyCM T. Gordon – 7th dahn, Director Florida
Master Gordon is a 7th degree Master in the art of Tae Kwon Do, and he also hold rank in Hap Ki Do.  He operates the Gordon Martial Arts school with his loyal student KJN Greg Bledsoe, and he is the host of the popular KMAF in Crestview.  CM Gordon is the FL rep for StickMasters

Jelte copySM J. DeGraaf – 7th dahn, Director Netherlands
Senior Master DeGraaf is probably one of the most accomplished Hap Ki Do Instructors in NKMAA.  I have had the pleasure of working with SM Jelte for many years now, and I am extremely proud of his accomplishments as an Instructor.

stinson_pic 2CM J. Stinson – 8th dahn, Director Kentucky
Chiefmaster Joey Stinson was recently appointed to be the official NKMAA Director for the State of Kentucky.  CM Stinson is also an Ambassador for the Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood.

CM John Orndorff – 7th dahn, Director Ohio
Master Orndorff has been a loyal member of NKMAA for many years, and he is one of the key instructors at our warrior weekend.  CM Orndorff is also an Ambassador for the Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood.

Dusty KJNSM D. Miner – 6th dahn, Director Southern Ontario
Master Miner passed his Masters degree in Tae Kwon Do at NKMAA headquarters in a grueling two day test the likes of which few can manage. He made us all proud that weekend 🙂  KJN Miner also holds rank in Hap Ki Do

Ott passport copyCM R. Ott – 6th dahn, Director Washington
Although CM Ott is totally blind, that never stopped his enthusiasm for training. Not only that, CM Ott is VERY successful.  His Super Summer Seminars in the beautiful State of Washington are legendary, and he is an awesome host.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASM R. Wojan – 6th dahn, Director Michigan
CM Wojan originally studied with GM Janisse; and, when GM Janisse left to live in Oregon, he became the personal student of GM Timmerman.  He is the Classmate of KJN Bourdage, and together they frequently train with Sajanim.

KJN JOHN WARDKJN J. Ward – 6th dahn, Director United Kingdom
KJN Ward and his business partner PSN Angela Prince have traveled to train at HQ more than anyone else living so far away.  This is a true testament of their desire to train hard, and they have both achieved rank in Kong Shin Bup.

Jeremy TillmanKJN J. Tillman – 5th dahn, Director Alberta
KJN Tillman runs an awesome Hap Ki Do program in Calgary, Alberta, and he is another one of our Masters who teaches original HKD.  His students are a true credit to him, and they are awesome supporters who travel expensively to train.