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Normally, we get back to you wishing a few hours; however, it may be a bit longer if I am on the road teaching seminars or conducting tests.   If this is the case, it may be as long as two or more weeks before I can get back to you, because I usually don't have time to check e-mails when I am on the road.   My hosts usually keep me very busy, and I do my best to make sure they are taken care of while I am there.

Recently, I have decided to cut my long distance travels to a bare minimum, because long trips seem to be taking a heavier toll on me than they did when I was a bit younger LOL.  My highest ranking student, Grandmaster Kevin Janisse, has stepped up to the plate to make things a bit easier on me.  GM Janisse has studied with me for many decades, and he is more than qualified to take care of our members on the road.

Having said that, I do my level best to make it to the following events:
KMAF (Korean Martial Arts Festival), hosted by my dear friend, and long time NKMAA member, CM Thomas Gordon.   Check out the latest info on this awesome event at

Hap Ki Do Summit, hosted by my dear friend, Grandmaster Ken MacKenzie.
Check out the latest info on the Hap Ki Do Summit at

Naturally, I can always be found at our own Warrior Weekend, usually held on the third weekend in August.   At this event, some of the highest ranking Grandmasters and Masters of NKMAA can be found on the mat to share their skills. Find out about our Warrior Weekend details on our Events page.


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