KMAM Competition:

The “Soar With The Best” KMAM competition will run in conjunction with the 2017 KMAM Hall Of Fame.   Lack of time is the reason why we do not have a sparring division, and this competition will be an ALL Forms competition; however, it will also features a Demo Competition for the Best School Demo.  The winning school will take home the Annual “Soar With The Best Eagle Award”, and their name will be permanently attached to the Soar With the Best Perpetual Trophy.  Over time, this trophy will become the “Stanley Cup” of Korean martial arts, and that can only happen when many school names are added over the years. Can you imagine the pride you WILL have when looking at this Magnificent Eagle Award years down the road and see YOUR school name engraved on the 2017 plate.

Lack of time is the reason why we do not have a sparring division.The rules of the tournament will be made clear long before the competition, but I should mention now that holding the tournament in the Ballroom of the hotel WILL require us to be a bit more cautious about weapons and flying boards.   As good martial artists, we will NOT cause any damage to the facility OR our good reputation.

School Demo Teams:
To make things more equitable for ALL schools, the Demo Teams can consist of one, two, or three person Teams in the following Divisions:  Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Black Belt, and Senior Divisions.  The Senior Division is for participants age 35 or over.

So, I cordially invite you to take up the Challenge.  Will YOUR school take home the Eagle in 2017, or will it stay in Canada?


“Soar With The Best Eagle Awards”. The “take Home” award is held by PSN Bob Clement of the 2016 winning team AFA. On the right, the tournament co-ordinator, KJN Tina Fuller, holds the perpetual Eagle Award