Can Am Info

Tournament Information

When: Saturday, March 18, 2017
Where: Big Bear Arena, 2 Ice Circle Drive, Sault Ste Marie, MI

Registration Coordinator:
Master Ronda Bourdage - Chief Instructor KJMS, Sault, Canada
Registration at the door 09:00 am - 10:00 am.

Ring Coordinator: 
Master Tina Fuller - Chief Instructor Black Dragon MA, Sault, Michigan

Black Belt Meeting 09:15 am - BE ON TIME PLEASE!!  

All tournaments need the cooperation of school owners and non competing Black Belts in order to run a decent tournament.  It is essential that ALL judges attend the Black Belt meeting, in order to provide for a safe and consistent competition.  We will have three judges per ring, and we may use fully trained NON Black Belts to assist us in judging as well as table help.  

I would rather have a trained NON Black Belt as a judge, than a judge who did not bother to show up on time for the Black Belt meeting.  I have done it in the past, and I found it to work flawless.

We are actively looking for Parents and Friends of competitors who can judge without bias, so we can form a NON Black Belt Umpire League.

Eliminations 10:00 am "sharp" to conclusion.   BE ON TIME PLEASE!! 

Competitor Fees:
Early Bird:
$ 35.00 US or $ 40.00 CAD for all divisions.  Additional Family members $15.00 (less than 1/2 price) 

Team Registration $35.00 per team - up to four persons per team

This is the Team Competition for the annual "Best School" Eagle Award, and it is a Team Demo Competition.  A demo can consist of any martial arts technique, such as: Breaking, Synchronized forms, Weapons, Self-defense, or any combination thereof.  

Each Team can consist of ONE to Four competitors, that way we will not discriminate against schools who do not have a full range of belts in their school.   The Demo can be a total of five minutes including set up and clean up.

A school can enter multiple teams; however, team members MUST be different individuals.   A team MAY have lower ranked team members who have already competed in their own division, but NO COMPETITOR MAY ENTER MORE THAN TWICE.

Important!   For breaking, each team MUST have their own holders.  This is to avoid the possibility of having a holder from another team foil your team's performance.
After March 1st:  
$40.00 US or $45.00 CAD.  

Family Rate: 
Add. family members $15.00 US or $20.00 Canadian for ALL divisions
Spectators:  $5.00 per person - Children to age 6 & Seniors free.

Please note:
Pre-registration will close by March 1st... no extensions!

Food Snacks are available at the event. No food or drinks in the gymnasium please.

Four places in each division. Divisions with less than 4 competitors will be combined.
Four Grand Champion awards - Youth, Adult, Seniors, and Black Belt  

Please note:
This is a competition, and awards are not GIVEN out to competitors... awards need to be EARNED; hence, I may have to combine divisions that have less than FOUR competitors. This is NOT to save a few dollars on awards, this is to instil in our students the pride of EARNING an award.  These days, in a world where it is customary for kids (and even adults) to get rewarded for just showing up, it is up to MARTIAL ARTISTS to reverse a trend that makes our kids unable to cope with adversities that life is surely to bring on. There is nothing more satisfying than to see a young person win with grace or lose with dignity, and I hope I can count on the parents of our competitors to stand by our efforts to make good kids into GREAT kids.

Safety Equipment is mandatory and not supplied!  Boys MUST have groin protection.

When we are forced to combine divisions, safety will ALWAYS be our main concern.  Therefore, if we are unable to match size in order to make for a safe sparring divisions, we may limit competition to forms, breaking, weapons, and self defense.  

We will most likely have an after event get together, and the venue will be announced when we find a good location. Have a Safe Trip!